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Here comes a beautiful intro of the founder of Jeholiah Apostolic Mission Bro. J.Joshua. He was born in a pentecostal family and his parents are spiritually toned and very prayer full. Lord God had a great desire in brother Joshua's life. Lord God planned to use him mightily to glorify his name but twice Satan planed to take his life from this world in-order to spoil Almighty's desire, first In his age of four accidentally he fell down from the building which was 32 feet high and the next he fell into the well water and the depth of the water is unbelievable, but the mighty Lord who loves him saved his life from these two terrible tragedy and gave the life back . In his age of nine he was filled with Holy spirit and started to speak in tongues, but when days passed away Satan made his third attempt and started to touch his spiritual life and slowly he took him in the path of smoking. The life of brother Joshua became very worst, he started to steal money and started to lie.

        At the beginning he smoked for fun and later he became a chain smoker when he was studying tenth standard, Then he went into liquor and finally became a terrible addict for drugs like Cannabis, also known as marijuana. He used to take 50g marijuana on a day. In the dead end of his life he planned to finish his life by having a snake bite in his tongue, it is actually a intoxicant drug which will last in the body for six months and after that the person who had the bite will slowly die each and every day. In order to take that snake bite he want money so he lied to his family that he is going to take baptism and live for Lord Jesus.  He imitated like a good boy and everybody in his family believed that "our boy left all his sins and became the child of true God" there comes the turning point in Brother's life" In that very spot of baptism Lord catches him and made his life to turn into the opposite pole. The next day of his baptism he went outside to shop a cigarette that he was needed desperately , there he meet one of his friend and wished him "Hi" When his friend saw brother's face he started to fear and threw the cigarette from his hand and asked "where you went yesterday?" Brother replied "i went to the church" friend told "please don'tcome here go to church and live a good life". Brother Joshua could not understand anything, he went back to his house with a confusion saying "what is going around me", he was wondering what is going around him and why his friend behaved like that.
         Lord started to speak with him and he himself felt some change in his life, all the sins started to run away from him, he didn't get the thought of smoking, drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs "Cannabis". slowly he surrender his life to serve the true God. In the beginning Lord Jesus gave him a good job in a reputed concern and started to bless his income. From his income he started to honor God and never ever hesitated to give for God's work.In the year 2006 he Mount a business and started to pull all the young flocks towards the True God. Each and every day he was lead by God, he waited patiently in the feet of Lord Jesus Christ for the right time to come in-order to glorify the unchangeable name of mighty Lord. Now is the time to establish a mission for God and with God's guidance he planted more than six churches all over India to spread the true word of God. Reach the unreached, soap soup salvation is the vision and goal of Brother Joshua.